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Poland, Mazovia
Market: Internet and IT
Stage of the project: Idea or something is already done

Date of last change: 18.04.2021
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MasterMatch finds a person with information you look for so that you can focus on analysis and judgment of provided data.

Current Status

Our product went through 4 important software development stages:
1. Idea validation:
Explanatory video with a questionnaire for viewers to validate the problem and solution:
80,8% examined would go and register to find a right person for their business need
82,7% examined would go and register to share their knowledge with others if needed
2. Customer interviews – 5 big institutions which aim to educate professionals and create a community for mutual support, raised a need for quick person match for business and career opportunity, speaker role, article writing, workshop facilitation, etc.
3. Prototype – a first working prototype was tested with 12 people and based on their feedback improved in terms of user experience, features, colors, simplicity of use, content understandability and information conveyed.
4. Landing page – after 4 days of organic marketing on LinkedIn There are 34 registrations with coversion rate 24%
5. Getting traction:
Target groups – groups of people who made registration: owners of small comapnies, specialists of corporations, Founders of startups, CEOs of non-profit organisations, Executives in the firm, b2b freelancers.
Countries: the USA, UK, Poland, Belgium, Luksemburg, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Singapore.

Problem or Opportunity

We heart below voices of customers:
PERSON 1: "I need fully automated solution for requesting consultations with me for my client, also connected to instant payments and invoices"
PERSON 2: "I have more than 2,500 friends on Facebook, but it is impossible to be updated with their experience and business interests to ask for help."
PERSON 3: "At the conference, I had an app with a list of people there. but I didn’t know who is the best business fit for me to start a conversation and save my time on looking."
PERSON 4: "I have a community of over 6K people and if I have a request to find an expert in a given field there, it takes me a week to find someone, with no guarantee that there is no better match for that ask."

Solution (product or service)

1. Credibility - MasterMatch has an identity verification system
using a bank account increasing community trust among the application and reducing the possibility of fake accounts.
2. Quality - there is an internal quality system to assess Masters' research, which additionally regaining the reputation and quality of services provided by consultants.
3. Gamification - only Masters with a given quality score are eligible to offer their research for a fee.
4. Innovative sales process - application as an automatic broker
receives, selects customer orders, shortens time to make research transactions for both Masters and their clients.
5. Speed ​​- you receive confirmation within 24 hours of publication
of your inquiry whether there is a Master eligible to provide you the research results, or not.
6. An innovative way of access-acquiring knowledge
directly from the best people around the world.
7. Community - the application builds a reputable global community,
enabling them to network, face-to-face individual training,
8. Simplicity - immediate contact with an available Master from another country with just a few clicks on your phone.
9. Financial information - payment for the research is done online, eliminating credit risk.


1. Direct competition - none.
2. Alternative ways to meet the need:
- time-consuming sources of access to general knowledge (such as blogs, forums Internet, information search engines, books, training),
-services of consulting companies (offering comprehensive consultancy).
3. Indirect competition: is a free website based on Facebook groups,
whose goal is for all members to publish questions from
area of ​​interest and free access to answer.
Disadvantages: no confidentiality, telephone consultations, earning opportunities,
- is a tool that enables consultations between
people in a given organization, in various positions, and from different
departments, but is closed only to the circle of people from a given company and focused is on her problems allows you to send an email with an inquiry to
a website that matches the consultant to micro-consultations. Rest
of the process is offline (no tools available). is a portal of experts, with no possibility
immediate and direct contact with them, or selection.
The user fills in the inquiry form and waits to be contacted
portal pages. The user has access to the knowledge base in the form of
blogs/articles. Disadvantage: lack of rate transparency. is a database of tutoring ads for offline learning and
prohibition of offering assistance in solving tasks and advertising
pages, is a portal for the exchange and learning of skills such as e.g.
programming, playing chess, guitar. It is not a consultation portal
be an expert opinion. ,, are advertising portals
orders/projects for the so-called professions in which the person expects
project implementation (e.g. creating a movie), not looking for advice/consultation/knowledge. These are not portals to knowledge exchange between experts. is a database of orders to perform work, tasks, projects. Is not
is a portal for the exchange of knowledge between experts. The recipient may accept a maximum of 10 applications. Adding a corporate page for
unlimited access is payable PLN 20 / month. The portal does not issue an invoice, settlement of taxes for the service provided is done offline. Portal
operates based on an auction for the service providers.

Advantages or differentiators

Competetive Advantage:
1. Reliability - you access Masters who passed a quality assessment of their consultations before become eligible for their service offering
2. Time effective - you just send your query and eligible Master is matched to you
3. Minimum effort - you only send your query and all research is done by Master
4. Instant notification - you wait no more than 24 hours to know if there is a Master who can execute requested research.

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